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Even routine surgery on your pet is a serious matter, and you want to entrust these procedures to the best veterinary experts available. That’s what you’ll find at East Hampton Veterinary Group, where we routinely handle spay/neuter procedures, foreign body removal, tumor & growth removal, and much more.

Spay/Neuter Procedure

Spay/Neuter procedure provides your pet with a lifetime of behavioral and health benefits.

Did you know this procedure can actually add years to your pet's life? Beyond preventing pregnancy, making the snip promotes a healthier life and better companion for you and your family. We urge clients to spay/neuter their pets to reduce sexual instincts, the risk of infection and disease, undesirable behaviors, overpopulation and uncontrolled reproduction.

Over the years, surgery and anesthesia have become much safer. Today, we consider a variety of factors such as age, size, breed and lifestyle when determining appropriate timing and treatment.

Spaying reduces the risk of:

  • Unwanted Pregnancy
  • Messy Heat Cycles
  • Urge to Roam
  • Aggressive Behaviors
  • Mammary and Uterine Complications

Neutering reduces the risk of:

  • Aggressive Behaviors
  • Urge to Roam
  • Testicular Cancer and Enlarged Prostate

Foreign Body Removal

Pets sometimes eat things that they shouldn't - socks, bones, chew toys, string... you name it!

While some foreign bodies make their way through the gastrointestinal tract and cause no harm, others can become stuck which is extremely dangerous. The chances of a foreign object safely moving along the GI tract largely depends on the object and the size of your pet.

Call us right away at if you believe your pet may have ingested a foreign object. There are a few ways we can help. First, we will take x-rays using modern digital radiography technology to help us locate the foreign object. If necessary, we may perform surgery to remove the object and prevent dangerous complications.

If you think your pet may have consumed a foreign object, call us immediately!

Symptoms of possible foreign body ingestion include:

  • Decreased appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Abnormal stools
  • Pale gums
  • Tense abdomen
  • Lethargy and weakness

Tumor & Growth Removal

Tumors and growths can develop at any age, but senior pets are most commonly affected. Not all tumors and growths are cancerous, however, we strongly recommend removal and testing of any removed growths to identify the nature of the growth.

Depending where the tumor or growth is located, we may recommend a benign tumor be removed to ensure your pet's motion is not restricted. Enlargement also makes removal increasingly difficult surgically, particularly at the throat and limbs.


If you find a mass on your pet, you have the option of removing it right away or you can test a tissue sample first with a biopsy. By analyzing a small portion of the tissues, we are able to determine if the mass is cancerous. This not only helps us to diagnose the condition, but also highlights how severe the condition may be.

Biopsies are performed using a local or general anesthesia, so your pet will not feel any pain.

Orthopedic Surgery

Bone, joint and spine conditions and injuries can be very painful and debilitating. Pets are excellent at hiding pain, so we like to remind our clients that often times the first sign is a change in behavior. Physical symptoms of bone and joint issues include lethargy, lameness, difficulty to jump or climb upstairs, aggression and irritability.

Our doctors are trained to provide orthopedic treatment for:

  • ACL Tears
  • Fractures and Dislocations
  • Patella Luxation
  • Cruciate Ligament Tears

We will explain all possible treatment options with you and work together to decide what treatment plan is most advantageous to your pet's health and recovery. We are also fortunate to work with a veterinary board-certified surgeon to be able to offer our clients' pets advanced and specialized surgical care here at our hospital.

Soft-Tissue Surgery

As veterinarians, we are trained to perform basic and more complex soft-tissue surgeries, including cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, urogenital, oncological, hepatic and reconstructive procedures.

At East Hampton Veterinary Group, we commonly perform spay/neuter procedures, abdominal exploratories, foreign body removals, mass removals, hernia repair, splenectomies and much more.

Hernia Repair

If you think your pet may have a hernia, we encourage clients to schedule a visit as soon as possible. When treated during early stages, hernia repair is a simple and minor procedure. However, enlarged hernias are dangerous and require urgent medical care to protect your pet from infection, strangulation, resection of dead tissues and even death. Hernias easily enlarge with weight gain, exercise, trauma and pregnancy.

Pain Management

Pain affects a pet's body and state of mind. During any surgical procedure, general or advanced, your pet's pain is rigorously monitored and managed before, during and after treatment. Our doctors are also experienced in recognizing the most subtle signs of pain that can easily go unnoticed at home.

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